Friday, September 5, 2008

Legends revealed for Stadium Club

The following legends will be included in 2008 Stadium Club baseball:

Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio, Honus Wagner, Nolan Ryan, Roberto Clemente, Ted Williams and Tom Seaver.

Adding legends to Stadium Club makes me a little more interested in the product, but I am still so frustrated with the fact that this is now an unaffordable, high end product that is doesn't make me want to buy packs any more than before.

While there is no doubt that Stadium Club will still be a beautiful set with the best photography in the business, I don't see myself chasing anything but these legends cards. And honestly, I'm not even going to be hitting them that hard because it won't be worth the price I will have to pay for them.

One thing I like about the legends cards is that they are in color. I have always been a fan of seeing old black and white photos transformed into color. As much as I like black and white photos, I think that more companies should make the effort to colorize black and white photos for cards.

What's your take?


Anonymous said...

That is a great looking Babe Ruth card! I'll be buying at least some Stadium Club. Stadium Club and UD Masterpieces are really the only remaining releases for 2008 that I'm looking forward to.

jv said...

I can't wait to see all of the Legends cards! That Ruth is freakin' sweet!!

dayf said...

Looks nice... I'll probably get a blaster at least out of curiosity.