Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Beckett to make magazine changes in 2008

For years, Beckett has made minor changes to its magazines to make it look more modern. But, in 2008 that all will change as Beckett is revamping its entire publication line.

Beckett Sports Card Monthly will be a compilation of all the current monthly magazines. It will put all the newest, hottest information and releases in one place and benefit collectors who deal in all sports.

The new magazine will not completely eliminate the monthly magazines and pluses, rather it will combine the two into one bi-monthly magazine called Beckett Baseball, Beckett Football, etc.

The big drawback comes in with collectors who specialize in only one sport. The Sports Card Monthly then becomes a desired magazine with little use. They would get a sport specific magazine six times a year with all pricing rather than just new pricing. However, it is not bi-monthly. More issues will come out during a sport season and maybe one during the offseason.

This is an odd move by Beckett because collectors may be going 3-4 months without updated pricing and new release information from Beckett.

Another complaint may be that Beckett is becoming Tuff Stuff, but that complaint holds little validity. Beckett is still making an attempt to please the specific sport collectors unlike Tuff Stuff.

Here are the prices of the new magazines:

-Sports Card Monthly, $7.99 (compared to $20 to buy all four current sports monthlies).
-Beckett “single sport” bi-monthy, $9.99 (compared to $15 for the current single sport monthly AND the PLUS).

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