Friday, September 4, 2009

If they can do it for books, why not cards?

I had a random thought yesterday as I was looking up some textbooks for this semester on If eBay can set specific shipping prices for every item listed on, why can't they do the same thing for items on eBay, especially trading cards.

For those who aren't familiar with, all items (at least all items I have gotten from there) have a set price and can be sent through media mail or express mail.

I don't think it's any deep, dark secret that eBay is a wonderful place to buy trading cards. I also think it's common knowledge that many sellers overcharge for shipping and handling, especially in single-card auctions. eBay has to know this, so why don't they try to do something about it? Namely, utilize a shipping style to sports card listings.

The way I see it, one card sold on eBay should always be shipped in bubble mailer. Where I do my shipping, that costs $1.39, a PayPal fee of about $0.50 is likely to incur with a mid-level card and the cost of the mailer and case is maybe $0.30 if you buy in bulk. Add that all together and $2.25 would be an appropriate figure. If you recycle mailers and cases like I do, $2 would work just fine.

In all honesty, a day of research at eBay could probably result in a nice system for cards with raw cards, graded cards and lots of cards each having their own separate price. Thoughts?


thehamiltonian said...

Then you are penalizing sellers who do not buy and sell in bulk. Also, for higher end cards that are thicker and require more protection. Also international shipping.

And the biggest reason why I am against this - setting a maximum encourages people to find a way to cut corners, and I'd rather not have that with my cards. With most books - they aren't collector's items.

Steve Gierman said...

I ship at $1.75 for the first 4 cards and I still struggle. eBay did put a cap on the shipping costs over a year ago, but I honestly don't remember what it was because I always shipped well below that number.

The problem with eBay is that the store items cannot list for less than a dollar. My business on eBay has been almost nonexistent since they initiated the new price structure.

Matt said...

I sell very few things on eBay. But lately in my listings, I mention that if I'm off on shipping by more than 50 cents, I'll refund the buyer the difference.

Also, if you're getting charged $1.39 to ship one card in a bubble mailer (is that with delivery confirmation?), I would suggest using the automaded postage machines, if there is one available near you. One card, bubble mailer, domestic, 88 cents last time I was there.