Friday, September 4, 2009

Epic fail

That's all that can be said about this item.

Be sure you read the last line of the description. You'll enjoy it.


Corky said...

Wow, that is definitly a way to get interested buyers and here I was hoping to get it for free.

Chris Harris said...

I was wondering what the fail was... and then I saw the asking price.

fuji said...

I never understood the anger over people wanting a good deal. If the seller doesn't want to sell it cheap, then they should post a minimum bid, reserve price, or just decline the bidder's best offer.

I sell things on craigslist all the time and people always try to lowball me. It's human nature to want a good deal. I'm never offended, I just counteroffer or politely decline (okay... sometimes I laugh). However, I never call them "idiots".

I'm not sure what this person is expecting to get (however, I'm very curious), but in this economy (and with the way Rolen hit the past few years) he/she isn't going to get peak value (unless he finds the right buyer).