Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Topps at it again

Come on in Topps haters, you'll love this card.

While it is not a short printed base card or another gimmick, it is down there on the Topps list of recent low lights. Has baseball become so dry that near no-hitters in Minor League baseball games have become worthy of being mentioned on cards? Apparently that's all the better Phillip Humber gets.

I now understand that Topps will stoop to whatever level they need to in order to have autographs in their product. My question is this: if Topps wanted a Humber autograph so bad, why didn't they create a regular autograph set to include him in?

A Highlights set should include highlights that all fans can remember, not insignificant player's achievements. Who outside of the Mets community knew that Humber almost had a no-hitter? Heck, who in the Mets community knew he almost threw a no-hitter?

I guess on good thing about this card is that it does feature baseball player instead of a boxer, actor or former president. However, if you start tinkering with the integrity of baseball autographs, we could have a pretty big problem.

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Anonymous said...

I've never understood the point of this Highlights Autograph set.

Although I suppose they couldn't really call it, "The cheapest guys we could get to sign for our base set"

This is part of the reason why I didn't bother to buy any Series 2 boxes. I learned my lesson with 5 Jumbos of Series 1 when I jumped back into the hobby this year.

Next year, the only Topps boxes I will be buying are; Finest, Bowman, and Allen & Ginter's. Those 3 seem to be the only moderately priced boxes they put any effort into.