Friday, June 27, 2008

I couldn't tell this story any better...

This is actually kind of funny how this all comes together.

Yesterday on my day off from work, I was organizing all my common cards to break into team lots, base lots and starter sets. Mixed in with my commons were some of my first ever cards, which naturally stirred up quite the barrel of memories. Had I not had to work all afternoon today, you would've seen a post about finding those cards again. Now, that will have to wait until next week sometime.

It turns out, I wasn't the only one with a story like this to share.

JV of Treasure Never Buried wrote a fascinating piece about one of his childhood cards today and I think every single card collector should read it.

As a writer, I will admit that I couldn't put this feeling into better words than JV did.

And as I told him via comment, I am trying to be copycat cheapskate when I make my post, it is just some kind of coincidence (I've been having quite a lot of that this summer).

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jv said...

Dude, no worries! Everytime I post something I find something else very similar at another site...As big as card collecting is, it's still almost impossible to say something that no one else has.

Send me the link when you get your post together...I don't want to miss it...

Good job on the blog!