Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Card of the Day: 2000 Bowman Chrome Barry Zito

Boy, $126 million just doesn't buy what it used to does it?

Barry Zito rusty Opening Day start is only further enhancing the Giants blunder of signing Zito to a seven year, $126 million contract last year.

Last year, his first with the Giants, Zito was a dismal 11-13 with a 4.35 ERA. Part of that is to blame on the Giants terrible offense, but some of it is to blame on Zito's overratedness.

I admit, I got hooked on Zito when he showed flashes of greatness by going 17-8 and 23-5 in 2001 and 2002. As time rolled along and the best season Zito had after 2002 was a 16-10 in his free agent year, I realized my investment in him had not paid off.

Now, I am stuck with almost 100 Zito cards that I had hoped would increase in value as time rolled along, but sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

This time, I lost.

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