Monday, January 7, 2008

Superstar Topps Sets For The Super Bowl

Topps has introduced a 16 card-set to commeorate Super Bowl XLII. Topps Super Bowl XLII will be released by dealers at the Topps Super Bowl Card Show in Glendale, Arizona. The set will be limited to 1,000 and features a completely new design. The checklist is:

1 of 16 Tom Brady
2 of 16 Brett Favre
3 of 16 Tony Romo
4 of 16 Peyton Manning
5 of 16 Vince Young
6 of 16 Willie Parker
7 of 16 Larry Fitzgerald
8 of 16 Willis McGahee
9 of 16 Frank Gore
10 of 16 Adrian Peterson
11 of 16 LaDainian Tomlinson
12 of 16 Randy Moss
13 of 16 Chad Johnson
14 of 16 Plaxico Burress
15 of 16 Calvin Johnson
16 of 16 Dwayne Bowe

On top of this set, Topps has also produced four cards of local favorites Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, Kurt Warner, and Matt Leinart available at the show through the Super Bowl XLII Wrapper Redemption Program at the Topps Booth. You can get one of the four cards by opening three packs of any Topps/Bowman football product at the booth.

Topps also has redone the 2007 Topps base set. 2007 Topps Football Complete Set Super Bowl XLII Edition will also be available in Glendale. The set includes two extra inserts sets. The first being a Rookie insert set featuring:

-Adrian Peterson
-Brady Quinn
-Calvin Johnson
-JaMarcus Russell
-Marshawn Lynch
-Ted Ginn Jr.

The second set is a Super Bowl XLII Gift Set numbered to 1,000. This set includes current NFL superstars:

-Adrian Peterson
-LaDainian Tomlinson
-Peyton Manning
-Randy Moss
-Tom Brady
-Tony Romo

These sets are sure to high sellers both at the show and following the show. eBay auctions for these types of cards are usually high right after the show. However, they tend to slow down in the waning months.

If you have some patience and live too far from Glendale, you may still be able to get these cards at a somewhat decent price.

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