Sunday, January 6, 2008

Card of the Day: 2006 Press Pass GU Omar Jacobs

Although, BGSU is getting rolled in the GMAC Bowl at the time of this post, I still stand strong to my university. And this is one of the nicest Press Pass GU cards I have ever seen. I currently own three orange swatches and two brown swatches. I am always looking for more too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

I just fell upon your blog. Good luck to you. I think it's funny that you go to Bowling Green, not that you actually go to Bowling Green. The reason it's funny is because my wife and I were talking about Bowling Green last night. Every time Bowling Green is mentioned or on TV I always want their school colors to be green. I don't know why. Well anyway good luck and I hope your leg is healing nicely.


Andrew Harner said...

Actually, I do go to Bowling Green. I am currently a sophomore student.

Anonymous said...

I know you go there. I meant that it's not funny that you go there, just funny that I was talking about Bowling Green last night. Sorry for the confusion.