Sunday, January 20, 2008

Card of the Day: 1999 Stadium Club Kevin Faulk RC

A person who did not watch the game may answer the following question with Randy Moss or Wes Walker:

Who was the leading receiver for the Patriots against the Chargers today?

But they are wrong. It was Kevin Faulk.

Faulk caught eight balls for 82 yards and added another eight yards on one carry. He has contributed to the team's success in every game this season, but never to the extent that he did today.

Whether it will continue in the Super Bowl is hard to say. You would have to think so.

Faulk was drafted by the Patriots in 1999 and has filled the back-up halfback role very well. His best season was in 2003 when he ran the ball 178 times for 638 yards. He also spent time as kick returner and has caught at least 200 yards in all but two seasons.

His rookies (including game-used and autographs) can be had for a relatively low price, but have seen a spike in value due to the Patriots success.

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