Monday, January 14, 2008

Card of the Day: 1955 Bowman Johnny Podres

The hero and MVP of the 1955 World Series, Johnny Podres, has died at 75 according to a spokesperson for the Glens Falls Hospital.

The Brooklyn Dodgers won their only World Series in 1955, and it was Podres who became a local hero after finally defeating the Yankees after a decade of trying.

Tied at 3, Podres toed the rubber for the deciding seventh game. Legend has it that Podres told his offense to get him one run and he would do the rest, but he later said he was unsure if he really siad that.

Whether or not it was said or not, Podres shut the Yankees out that game, 2-0.

Podres' career record was 148-116, and he stayed in baseball as a picthing coach into the 1990s.

The above card was from the last series of Bowman from the 1950s. The 1955 Bowman Podres shows the young pitcher the year he made it to the World Series.

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