Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beckett Release Info on Two More T206 Cards

After announcing yesterday that they had graded an "attic collection" of 550 T206 Sweet Caporal cards and providing an image of a grade 1 Honus Wagner, Beckett has released two more images.

The first is a grade 7.5 (presumably one of the if not the top grade of the lot) of Vic Willis in a batting pose.

The second is another legend of the game: Christy Mathewson. The grade 4 card featuring the pitching pose and dark cap should fetch quite a sum at auction despite its low condition.

Beckett's Pepper Hastings also said that he figures less than 100 people have actually seen these cards and that the rubber band used to hold them together had disengrated from age.

More info on this collection as it becomes avaliable.

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